We found Raye walking down the sidewalk. After talking a bit we found out her two favorite things were ice cream and cock. Lucky for us, we had plenty of both on hand for her.
Sophia was sexy but very mouthy, waiting on a cab. We got her to our place and she was no dummy. She knew exactly what we wanted, which turned out to be what this hot mommy wanted as well.
Celetia was on her way to work and was running late, but we couldn't just let her slip by. We managed to get her back to our place. Once she got a look at our hard cock, she forgot everything else.
I love take charge women and Monica knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. She rode me reverse cowgirl and it was all I could do to just hold out long enough to please her.
Vannesa is a paralegal who was so easy, that we had to ask if she was really a hooker in disguise. She was hungry, but not for food. We fed her pussy with USDA prime!


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